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The award-winning Key Touch® magazine is dedicated to radio communications and related solutions. It is the longest-running customer magazine in the industry, with the first TETRA Touch® published in year 2000.


Editor-in-Chief: Tiina Saaristo @tiinasaaristo
Senior Editor: Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen @lkpaivi
Editors: Jarmo Kivelä, Satu Lamberg, Anke Sturtzel, Jean-Michel Dumazert & Tuomas Korpilahti
Editor/Photography: Tapio Mäkinen @tapiomobile

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Key Touch is packed with information and expert tips on TETRAPOL and TETRA radios, professional radio communications and related solutions.

Some facts on Key Touch

  • Published 3 times per year
  • More than 7000 copies printed of each issue
  • Winner of the CMA Gold Award 2013 for Best Overall Editorial in Print Newsletters
  • Provided by Airbus Defence and Space / Secure Land Communications - 

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We will continue to improve the magazine and make sure that it offers engaging stories and information that matches the specific interests of its readers. Let's keep in touch!

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