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Meet the mini: TB3p

Introducing world's smallest, smartest TETRA base station


You know what they say about little packages.

The TB3p mini TETRA base station is a powerful little package. It stuffs all of the features of the bigger TB3 base station into a unit that's about the size of a laptop. The TB3p:

  • Delivers eco-efficiency. The TB3p's power consumption is about 40 W — less than 10 percent of that of a conventional macro base station.
  • Packs a punch. The TB3p offers the same powerful features — from TEDS to air-interface encryption, from Type 1 Handover to base station fallback — as its bigger brothers TB3 and TB3c.
  • Works indoors. Use the TB3p to build indoor coverage for big public buildings, shopping malls, or parking halls, for example.
  • Goes anywhere. TB3p base stations don't require costly sites, which means they can save you money. Base station site rentals and transmission fees typically account for up to 80 percent of operating costs.
  • Works on its own. Use the TB3p as a standalone base station to provide hotspot coverage where the network may not reach.
  • Is easy to deploy. One person can easily carry the TB3p to the site, install it and set it up. Or, it can just as easily be set up to provide temporary coverage.
  • Can be managed remotely. There's no need to visit the TB3p in person. You can operate and maintain it over a remote connection.
  • Adapts. The TB3p can use either the conventional time-division multiplexing (TDM) transmission but also the internet protocol (IP) transmission.
  • Fills the gaps. The TB3p can provide indoor coverage or plug gaps in the outdoor network.
  • Arrives ready to go. TheTB3p comes pre-configured, so setting it up requires no RF expertise.
  • Covers data, too. Thanks to its TEDS capability, the TB3p can provide coverage in data hot spots.

Unveiled for the first time at TWC 2011, the TB3p crams big functionality into a tiny package — with a tiny power consumption. 

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