The slimline TH1n TETRA radio is waterproof

Video: TH1n - light-weight but tough

Extensive testing finds the TH1n TETRA radio dustproof, water resistant, and robust


The TH1n TETRA handheld is light-weight and has the good looks of an office phone. At the same time, it offers the toughness required on patrol.

Like all TETRA radios from Airbus DS, the TH1n has undergone extensive robustness and strength testing, and it has an IP 65 classification.

Water and dust? No problem

  • IP for Ingress Protection
  • The first digit 6 for resistance to dust: The TH1n is completely dustproof.
  • The second digit 5 for water resistance: The TH1n will resist low-pressure water jets.

Extreme temperatures? No problem

Tests show that the TH1n continues to operate at temperatures as low as -30° Celsius and as high as 70° Celsius.

 A frozen TH1n TETRA radio continues to work

Other grueling tests include a free-drop test from 1.5 metres.

See for yourself: This video shows how the TH1n has been tested.

The conclusion: TH1n can be trusted wherever and whatever happens.

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