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Image communication: Pictures at your fingertips

Cassidian TETRA users can see and share images over their radio network


TETRA radio terminals from Airbus Defence and Space can support a JavaTM application that lets field operatives see and store images. That information might include such data as:

  • Pictures of and details about criminal suspects, missing persons, stolen vehicles or lost dogs
  • Illustrated instructions about how to apply first aid or use equipment in the field

Here's how it works: 

  • Field operatives upload the image from a digital camera to the vehicle PC. 
  • The PC compresses and uploads the image to the command and control centre.
  • The control centre selects the most important area in the image, compresses it further and shares it with other field operatives.

Fast, clear image communication

It's long been possible to transmit images over digital PMR networks. But slow data speeds made it difficult to actually use the images in the field.

But the new Java application makes it possible to optimise pictures for compact displays. It also optimises the transmission of the pictures. This reduces file sizes for fast image delivery via secure radio communication.

In fact, it takes just seconds to compress and transmit an important image to a group of field operatives. The compressed images are so clear and detailed, officers can use them to identify anyone - from missing children to a criminal suspects - from the picture on the compact display.

Pictures also remain at the field operatives' fingertips. Once received, the images can automatically be stored into the radios from Airbus DS. This means that the images can be retrieved and looked at also if the terminal loses its connection to the radio network.

Easy, always-there image communication

Users in TETRA networks by Airbus DS can start picture messaging with their radio terminals from Airbus DS without additional equipment to carry.


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