8 reasons to choose the TPH700 TETRAPOL radios

8 reasons to choose TPH700

The TPH700 TETRAPOL handheld is robust and secure, and there are 6 other reasons for preferring this radio

  • T - TPH700
  • E -
    Extreme working conditions require secure voice and data communications and a radio that can withstand the rigours of daily use. The TPH700 radio is ideal for public safety users, such as police and firefighters, who need a robust and powerful radio.
  • T -
    Tailoring the radio is a great way to make it easier to use. The TPH700 has convenient shortcut buttons that can be programmed for the most frequently used functions.
  • R -
    Robustness is vital for many professional users, because splashes, dust and knocks are inevitable during everyday operations, especially in the field. The TPH700 is mechanically and electrically robust and complies with the IP54 classification.
  • A -
    Accessories make a huge difference to users' work. Suitable, functional and well designed accessories provide ease-of-use in daily life. Bluetooth connection is an option in the TPH700 to enable wireless accessories, such as earpieces and headsets, to be used as well as traditional devices connected by wires.
  • P -
    Powerful connection is important to ensure seamless critical communication between users. The TPH700 has a very powerful transmitter, with a maximum output power of 2W.
  • O -
    Organisations require their equipment to be certified to specific standards to support operational tasks. The TPH700 complies with an impressive list of standards, such as ETSI standards, CE marking and RoHS requirements.
  • L -
    Loudspeaker voice quality and level must be excellent when working outdoors in difficult conditions. The TPH700 has a high-performance loudspeaker that provides great sound quality even in noisy environments. 

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