Beyond James Bond - no need for gadgets when you have great technology

Beyond James Bond

James Bond overcomes his enemies with gadgets from "Q". Could he do better?


James Bond overcomes his enemies with hi-tech gadgets that the ever ingenious "Q" provides. But what if James Bond had technology that Airbus Defence and Space (formerly, Cassidian) can provide?

Bond's gadget, pager on a wristwatch

Bond's gadget
Pager on a key chain or wristwatch

This regular pager was not very sophisticated, even though it was cleverly hidden as an everyday object. You can use the P8GR active TETRA pager instead.


Bond's gadget - Lektor decoder

Bond's gadget
Lektor decoder

Bond used the typewriter-sized decoding device to decipher encrypted Russian messages. These days, bad guys (or Bond either) cannot decode your confidential radio communications when you use end-to-end encryption.


Bond's gadget - Homing beacon

Bond's gadget
Homing beacon

Bond used a homing beacon to track people, cars and ships. If you use a TETRA radio from Airbus Defence and Space, your HQ can keep track of your position using AVL/APL, thanks to its built-in GPS device.


Bond's gadget - Clothing brush communicator

Bond's gadget
Clothing brush communicator

This was a radio hidden inside a clothing brush. Bond used it to transmit messages in Morse code. But messaging via Morse code is so last season! Cool operatives like you can use their secure radio to tap text messages using SDS.


Bond's gadget - Felix lighter

Bond's gadget
The Felix lighter

Bond used this radio transmitter/receiver disguised as a car cigarrette lighter to contact his friend. But you can go even more invisible! Use the thinnest TETRA radio, the TH1n. It fits in the pocket of a dinner jacket - just use the pocket clip holder to place it conveniently. The radio is so slim that it is not visible to outsiders. Connect a discreet headset to listen and talk.

Beyond gadgets: Communications on the move

The TB3p mini base station integrates into a piece of nifty carry-on-luggage. Use the TB3p for secure communications even in areas with no network coverage whatsoever - North or South Pole, the Sahara desert, or even in orbit.

If you need even more features than the smart standalone base station can provide: choose the DXT3p switch. It fits easily into the trunk of an Aston Martin, between the machine guns and rear firing oil sprayers.

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