Did You know?

Your TETRA radio can also function as a repeater

Did You Know?

Your radio as a repeater

Use your radio to extend radio coverage - it is very simple

TETRA radios from Airbus DS can show flash text messages directly on the display

Did You Know?

Text messages in a flash

Flash text messages are instantly visible on the radio's display

PTT queuing is a handy feature in TETRA networks from Airbus Defence and Space

Did You Know?

Don't all talk at once

PTT queuing for group calls reduces calling congestion

Emergency calls - TETRA radio systems will connect

Did You Know?

Emergency calls: TETRA systems will connect

Three-level emergency target helps users get through

How to make a one to one call in TETRAPOL - Key Touch magazine

Did You Know?

TETRAPOL: One-to-one calls

Person to person calls are easy to make

Red key on your TETRA radio - Key Touch magazine

Did You Know?

Red alert: Emergency functions on your TETRA radio

Five tips for using the red key

Making text messages over TETRA longer - Key Touch magazine

Did You Know?

Longer text messages over TETRA

Easy to send messages of up to 399 characters

Waypointer - like a smart compass on your TETRA radio.

Did You Know?

Missing persons: Waypointer points the way

TETRA radio location solution helps search parties find people

Easy as 1-2-3

Did You Know?

Group communication: Easy as 1-2-3

How to use your TETRAPOL radio to connect your contacts

TETRAPOL radio shortcuts: Hot button

Did You Know?

TETRAPOL radio shortcuts: Hot button

Tips for accessing functions and folders with the tactical button

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