PTT queuing is a handy feature in TETRA networks from Airbus Defence and Space

Don't all talk at once

PTT queuing for group calls reduces calling congestion


Group calls in a TETRA system are one-way, which means only one person can speak at a time. All the speaker has to do is press and hold the PTT key.

But what if several people want to talk at once?

Queuing is easy in TETRA systems from Airbus Defence and Space:

  • Just press and hold the PTT key and wait for your turn.
  • You'll hear a queuing tone while you wait.
  • Only users with a higher priority can jump the queue.
PTT queuing is easy with the TH1n TETRA radio

Without queuing?

Life would be very different without queuing. Users would have to keep trying the PTT key and lose their place in line every time.

In contrast, users in Airbus DS TETRA systems stay in the queue as long as they keep the PTT key pressed down. The system then passes the right to speak to the next in line or to the user with the highest priority.

Little things mean a lot, and PTT queuing is one of those underappreciated features that are vital to clear communications.

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